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Good Winetasting Seal of Approval The Internet's Wine Tasting Note Source
Frequently Asked Questions

This is our ongoing Frequently Asked Questions. Use this form to contact us if you'd like any questions answered that aren't listed herein.

  • What is the purpose of this site?

    LaWineClub was initially created as a central clearing house for Tasting Notes (TNs), which are reviews of wine. If you have ever tasted any wine and have an opinion on it, we welcome your input. Feel free to add your own tasting note and share your experience with others.

  • Is there a local community surrounding this web site?

    Yes and no. The site exists to address an international audience online with its TN database, and most of us participate in various forums all around the net, but you will also find articles relative to a regional wine community in the New Orleans area. This is where the site is located and developed and so we also add information on local happenings and related news.

  • Can anyone contribute to the site?

    Absolutely! This is the purpose of the site. Suggest articles/news/editorial and please feel free to post your TNs here. We are providing tools so that those who post their TNs here can easily cut-and-paste and export the data into a variety of other systems. This is an "open source" system encouraging the free exchange of information.

  • Who's behind

    This site is run by a grass roots group of wine enthusiasts who are donating their time and energy to create a nice place in cyberspace where people can come together and discuss wine. At present there are no commercial sponsors and we work hard to make the site as objective as possible

  • Are the people behind affilliated with any other web site or anyone in the industry?

    Nope. We all frequent a variety of web sites. The author of the custom system here, Mike, is a programmer by trade and is donating his time to building the site with no initial commercial support. Perhaps in the future we can strengthen our ties to other players in the industry, but we intend to do so in a manner such that we do not alienate anyone. This is a public service first and foremost.

  • I tried logging in and something's wrong. I enter the proper username/password and it acts like I'm not logged in.

    There is a problem with the way some browser versions handle cookies. If this happens, click on the "forgot my password" link and then you'll see another link that says "clear cookies". Click on that and try again and it should fix things.

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