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2000 La Rose Metairie Haut Medoc[Haut-Medoc]
[Blend/Cuvee - Other]
Posted by Mike P. on 2018-02-04 18:49:03 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:La Rose Metairie
Wine Name:Haut Medoc
State:Haut Medoc
AOC:Haut Medoc
Region:Haut Medoc
Wine Score:77
Notes:This is one of the lesser wines of the Bordeaux region, but from the highly-regarded 2000 vintage. Unfortunately, while the wine maintains quite a bit of color and richness in appearance, there are not many tannins left and it has gone past its prime and is slightly oxidized.
Tasting Date:2018-02-04

1998 Falletto Di Bruno Giaccsa Barolo[Piedmont]
[Blend/Cuvee - Other]
Posted by Mike P. on 2016-08-31 18:36:19 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Falletto Di Bruno Giaccsa
Wine Name:Barolo
Wine Score:98
Notes:Dark garnet in color, thick legs, nose of cherries, dust, lead pencil, mimeograph ink, and prunes. Big nose and huge finish, even after all this time. Spectacular.
Tasting Date:2016-08-31
Price US$:109.99

2013 Francis Coppola Directors Cabernet Sauvignon[Sonoma Valley]
[Cabernet Sauvignon]
Posted by Mike P. on 2016-01-12 20:52:57 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Francis Coppola
Wine Name:Directors Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Score:79
Notes:Beet red or dark, with limited legs, nose of astringent traces of ink. The big problem with this wine is the lack of tannins and structure. Good quality grapes without any substance behind them is a waste.
Tasting Date:2016-01-12

2000 La Mauriane Puiseguin Saint Emilion[St.-Emilion]
[Bordeaux/Meritage-style blend]
Posted by Mike P. on 2015-07-08 21:29:15 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:La Mauriane
Wine Name:Puiseguin Saint Emilion
AOC:Saint Emilion
Region:Saint Emilion
Wine Score:95
Notes:Very dark red with beef blood edges; huge legs; explosive nose of blackberry and dark fruits with a hint of tar. Nice finish; nice balance. A very gorgeous and silky wine that his holding up magnificently.
Tasting Date:2015-07-08

2000 Chateau Malescasse [Haut-Medoc]
[Bordeaux/Meritage-style blend]
Posted by Mike P. on 2015-07-02 20:39:32 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Chateau Malescasse
Region:Haut Medoc
Wine Score:87
Notes:Color is beet red with amber edges, initial nose of leather, watermelon rind, rust, minerals, diaper, giving way to red currants and violets. Medium to light-bodied. Most of the tannins have given way to a pungent and fruity wine that is most likely past its prime right now... it's possible with more aging something else may come out of it. There is some structure there but it's hiding. Some finish too. This might be a wine I'd wished I'd opened in another 20 years.
Tasting Date:2015-07-02

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