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2018 Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon[California]
[Cabernet Sauvignon]
Posted by Mike P. on 2020-09-03 18:17:37 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Dreaming Tree
Wine Name:Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Score:90
Notes:Beet red in color with orange edges; nose of toasted coconut, bright fruits, cherry. Medium to light bodied, nice-sized finish with very light tannins

Note that this wine merely says it's from "California" -- no particular vinyard or source, so no idea if subsequent vintages will be anything like this.
Tasting Date:2020-09-03
Varietal:Cabernet Sauvignon
Production Notes:A collaboration involving musician Dave Matthews

2018 Line Shack Cabernet Sauvignon[Monterey]
[Cabernet Sauvignon]
Posted by Mike P. on 2020-09-03 17:52:10 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Line Shack
Wine Name:Cabernet Sauvignon
Region:Central Coast
Wine Score:94
Notes:Dark and inky in appearance, nose of ink, dark chocolate, jolly rancher cherry, very smooth medium to full bodied. Excellent!
Tasting Date:2020-09-03
Price US$:18.00
Source:Wine Store

2015 Puech-Haut [Coteaux de Languedoc]
Posted by Mike P. on 2019-06-06 20:28:51 [Show TN in Text Format]
State:Saint Drezery
AOC:Coteaux Du Languedoc
Wine Score:88
Notes:Red and inky color with pink edges; nose of plum, astringent, with deep earthy tones. Almost has a Chilean quality in the flavor profile. Bold and slightly tannic. I'm a big fan of this winery and feel their wine will age well.
Tasting Date:2019-06-06
Varietal:60% Syrah, 40% Grenache (typically, unverified)
Additional Notes:This is one of my personal favorite wines. A very good QPR. This winery also produces a higher-end
Price US$:17.00

2017 Chateau Kamnik Temjanika[Europe - other]
[Other - White]
Posted by Albertina on 2018-08-29 07:54:26 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:Chateau Kamnik
Wine Name:Temjanika
Wine Score:98
Notes:An aromatic white wine made from Temjanika grapes. You can feel peach and tropical fruit aromas complemented with the spicy undertones of white flowers and elder. Medium-bodied, with a delicate and harmonious freshness and with a long fruity-and-spicy aftertaste.
Tasting Date:2018-06-22
Additional Notes:Best served chilled at 7-10°С
Alcohol: 14 by Vol
Price US$:10.00
Source:Local wine shop

2000 La Rose Metairie Haut Medoc[Haut-Medoc]
[Blend/Cuvee - Other]
Posted by Mike P. on 2018-02-04 18:49:03 [Show TN in Text Format]
Chateau/Producer:La Rose Metairie
Wine Name:Haut Medoc
State:Haut Medoc
AOC:Haut Medoc
Region:Haut Medoc
Wine Score:77
Notes:This is one of the lesser wines of the Bordeaux region, but from the highly-regarded 2000 vintage. Unfortunately, while the wine maintains quite a bit of color and richness in appearance, there are not many tannins left and it has gone past its prime and is slightly oxidized.
Tasting Date:2018-02-04

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