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Apothic Apothic Dark[USA]
Posted by Mike P. on 2014-09-14 21:35:06 [Show TN in Text Format]
Wine Name:Apothic Dark
Wine Score:80
Notes:Apothic Dark is the latest "limited edition" wine produced by what appears to be a rather substantive wine production conglomerate, the "Apothic" company.

I've previously appreciated the "Apothic Red" low-end wine that has permeated liquor stores and gas stations from coast to coast. While it's not in the same league as artesional wine, it's a far cry from the Mogen David and Blue Nuns of the past in pop wine culture.

Unfortunately, I get the impression "Apothic Dark" is more "chemically-crafted" than anything else. The wine emits noticeable scents of vanilla, but not the kind of vanilla that would be the product of classical aging in wood; more like the product of "vanilla extract" added to the primordial ooze in a stainless vat the size of Pasadena that this vintage was born within.

The same goes for the color and texture. It seems "chemically-crafted". It's dark, "rich tasting" but in a chemical kind of way. I feel less-sophisticated palets would most-certainly be fooled, but I feel like I'm drinking a out of a test tube than a goblet when I sample this wine.

Nice try, but there's something wholly unnatural about this wine that I can't condone.

Still, I hate to admit I'd prefer it to "two buck Chuck" any day of the week.
Tasting Date:2014-09-14
Price US$:9.00

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