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Sports Fans and Wine: A Natural Combo?

Posted by perle0 on 2007-02-12 12:46:17 (3522 views)

With wine consumption steadily rising in the U.S., sports fans are doing their part to support the trend. A study by market researcher Nielsen found wine consumption among U.S. sports fans increased to $81.40 per household in 2006, which was up $14.60 from 2005.

But the increase in wine consumption wasn't evenly distributed across sports. Some sports, it seems, are more wine-friendly than others. Which sports are the wine-drinkingest of them all?

The big winner for wine in 2006 was ladies' golf, with household spending of $125 on wine in 2006, up 17% over the previous year, overtaking fans of men's golf. Men's golf fell from first place to third, dropping spending on wine by nearly 30% from last year at $109.40 per household.

In second place was tennis, with wine drinking rising nearly 20% in 2006 to $111.9 a household. These make sense, to some extent...both golf and tennis are both more likely to be played and watched alike by wealthier, upper-class fans than, say, hockey or football. Those fans are more likely to drink wine than to toss back a keg or two.

Still, the largest increase in wine consumption by sports fans this year goes to football fans, who spent a whopping 63% more on wine over the year with $94.30 per household. That's a huge increase. Perhaps the big wine companies should start booking those Super Bowl spots now.

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