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Mmmm....Chicken Wine!

Posted by perle0 on 2007-02-26 19:00:24 (4068 views)

Okay, it's not really wine. But it really does have real chicken in it!

To make this Indian traditional "chicken wine," they take a dressed chicken, remove the legs and head, make a slit in the middle and empty out the liver, intestine and the stomach. Ghee and garam masala are stuffed into it before wrapping it a fine cloth. It is then brewed in a special container called Fonshi, which is otherwise used to brew Rakhsi, the local beverage.

Half the container is filled with Janr (millet beer) and tightly closed. The contraption is then heated by placing it on a wooden fire. The Janr evaporates and condenses once it hits the upper part of the Fonshi. The condensed liquid collects inside another vessel called Odhan. This distilled fermented liquid soaks in the chicken and more Janr is added. The chiken wine or Kukhra-ko-Rakshi is ready.

I'll give them this: it does sound better than fish wine, if just barely. And if you're like me, you've often thought that one of the few bad drawbacks about wine is the lack of protein. This brew...reputed to have medicinal qualities (maybe it's like chicken soup with a kick)...takes care of that little problem. Plus...real chicken flavor!



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