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The Fine Sport of Wine-Tasting

Posted by perle0 on 2007-03-06 13:27:57 (5296 views)

The wine societies of Oxford and Cambridge universities are lobbying to have wine tasting ratified by their schools as an official sport. Participation in such official sports gain the students prestige and special privileges, so there's a lot at stake for the students in this decision of whether or not to consider wine-tasting a sport.

That's as sport. After all, groups from the two schools meet each year to compete, and one school comes away the winner. Doesn't that constitute a sport?

Well, no...not in my book. It's clearly a competition, with elements that are both physical (the tasting part) and intellectual (gauging what you're tasting against the known world of wine). But you could say the same thing about a chess tournament. It has intellectual elements (the strategy) and physical elements (the chess set and the rules by which the players move). But it's not a sport.

The students who participate in these wine-tasting events gain in all sorts of other ways besides being recognized sportsmen. For one thing, they often go on to delightful careers in the wine industry. Then there's the training for these events...rigorous training six days a week. I wish my college career had included that kind of rigorous discipline.

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