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You Can't Handle the Cheese!

Posted by perle0 on 2007-04-03 00:39:48 (5613 views)

Oh, you've seen live webcams. Some of them weren't even porn...there were baby pandas to watch, Swiss Alps to check weather conditions on, even live executions in dangerous parts of the world that you really wish you hadn't seen. But you've never seen this kind of live webcam before. It's so shocking...that you might just not be able to handle this much excitement.

That's's Cheddarvision. An English dairy allows you to watch in real time as cheese ripens. After 13-18 months, the cheese is fully mature and ready for market. All that time, bacteria and mold work their magic to convert curds, salt, and rennet into a big, glowing 25-kilo (over 55 pounds) hunk of the finest genuine hand-crafted cheddar cheese. The highlight of each day occurs around 10 a.m. local time, when the cheese is turned by hand. You can even download it as a screensaver.

But if you think you're man enough to take it, you can take in the whole process in a 3-minute time-lapse version. Just don't say we didn't warn's one hell of a roller coaster ride of cheese development. Make sure you have someone nearby when you watch, in case they need to call in the paramedics.

Catch Cheddarvision in real time. Will the mold have darkened since yesterday? Has the cheese been tested yet? Are we about to witness the shameless coming-of-age of this fine dairy product? Tell me when it's over. I can't look.


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