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Martin Wine Cellar Offering Burgundy Futures

Posted by perle0 on 2007-04-03 00:03:28 (4055 views)

[New Orleans]
If it's Burgundy you're after, Martin's can help you to scratch that itch.
"Our Burgundy offer is early this year, but the excitement about the vintage was such we could not wait any longer. The wine press is already calling 2005 the greatest vintage in the modern era of Burgundy. Quantities however on many wines are very small, but our offer this year is more extensive than in the past. A salesperson at one of the stores will be happy to assist you in placing your order."

2005 has been nothing short of a magical vintage for French vignerons. Bordeaux was an embarrassment of riches, the best in over 25 years or more. The Rhone saw another extraordinary vintage in 2005 on the heels of a very good 2004. The Loire experienced the best harvest for quite some time as well. Now we come to Burgundy, which the critics say is the greatest vintage in the modern era of Burgundy.

If that wasn't a strong enough statement for you, here is what Alan Meadows of says: "Let's cut directly to the chase while passing Go (be sure to collect your $200 as youíre going to need it)--2005 is quite simply the best top-to-bottom vintage that I have ever seen, period, full stop. Yes, I understand perfectly well that is a bold and heavy-duty statement but there it is in all its unequivocal nakedness. 2005 is a brilliant vintage with virtually nothing to dislike (except perhaps the prices) and here is the key point, itís also great from top to bottom. Moreover, in terms of regional and villages wines, 2005 is so good that it blows the next closest recent contender, 1999, right out of the water. Among the 1ers and grands crus, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1999, 2001, and 2002 all produced some wines that are wonderfully impressive and certainly great, indeed in certain cases a full-on match for their 2005 counterparts. But in terms of the sheer number of great wines, 2005 surpasses all of them in my view. In short, mortgage your house, sell your dog, hock your spouse (but donít forget where, youíll eventually need someone to enjoy these wines with!) or do whatever you have to do, but donít miss the best wines of the vintage or you will I believe live to regret it."

English wine writer Jancis Robinson echoes Alanís thoughts and says, "Quite simply, nothing went wrong...if there is one dominant characteristic of these wines it is their thrilling combination of ripeness and acidity.... In general all the wines are charming, truly succulent. and they faithfully express their origins. Can one ask for more?"

For specifics on the wines available in this offering, refer to this PDF from Martin Wine Cellar.

To contact Martin's directly, check out their website for contact information for your local store.


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