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Awesome Power of Great Wine Foils Robbery

Posted by perle0 on 2007-07-16 17:28:53 (4444 views)

So what do you do when your dinner party is winding down, and you've just broken out a very special bottle of Bordeaux for those last few close friends, and a hooded man sneaks into your back yard and puts a gun to the head of your 14-year-old daughter and threatens to shoot her unless you hand over some cash?

Why, you offer him a glass of wine, of course.

As the barbeque wound down, guests were sitting quietly, enjoying some good conversation and fine wine. The intruder apparently gained entry through a gate that had been left ajar after walking the dog.

"He said: 'Everyone give me your money or I am going to start shooting. I am very serious about this'," Michael Rabdau, the girl's father, said.

As the guests sat petrified, one courageous and inventive guest offered the intruder some of the wine they were drinking, a very fine bottle of Chateau Malescot St Exupery, a grand cru Margaux. "He tasted the wine, and said: 'Damn, that's really good wine.' And it really was," Mr Rabdau said. They offered him a glass, even the whole bottle.

The robber took a piece of cheese (but of course) and apologized, saying that he must have come to the wrong house. He then asked for a hug, and got one from each of the guests, then requested and got a group hug. (Robbers these days are so touchy-feely, don't you think? But it is much more pleasant than being shot.)

The robber then poured himself a generous glass of wine and left with his prize. By the time the startled guests called the police, he was nowhere to be found. (Presumably, he found a nice, quiet place to savor his wine properly.)

It just goes to show: a really good wine has power far beyond some $4 bottle of swill. Just imagine how the story might have gone if they had been drinking Two-Buck Chuck, or some white Zinfandel.

And always have a bottle of grand cru Bordeaux on hand for emergencies.



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