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Disney Dumps Rat Wine

Posted by perle0 on 2007-07-31 19:22:15 (5709 views)

Our old pals at Disney...they're always good for being a little bit uneasy about wine, when they're not sponsoring huge tasting events themselves. So what made them think that it would be a good idea to make a wine linked to its latest animated film, Ratatouille?

Well, fear no more, protectors of the sacred innocents whose lips shall never be sullied with alcohol. Disney has scrapped plans to sponsor its own Ratatouille wine, which was to have been a 2004 white Burgundy. (What!? Everyone knows that rats prefer reds.)

Despite some early speculation that Disney was feeling the heat from domestic wine makers and supporters who felt offended by the choice of a French wine, Disney rejects this theory. After all, the movie is about a French rat, in a French restaurant, and he would certainly drink French wine.

No, it seems that the protective mothers (and fathers) of the world are the culprits. Current advertising code bans advertising that might appeal to children by the use of cartoon characters or very young models. No Joe Camel, no Ratatouille wine.

It's not even a bad law. Making things that are forbidden for kids even more appealing, if it's possible when the forbidding already makes it darn-near irresistable, isn't a particularly responsible way to advertise. But who checks out all the other wine labels to see what might appeal to kids? I mean, how did these cartoon gnomes slip past? What about this cute frog?

Oh, no...this one has an adorable little penguin! Look out, Happy Feet!



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