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Huge Wine Heist in CA a Sign of the Times?

Posted by perle0 on 2007-02-01 15:24:46 (6700 views)

In the affluent Silicon Valley town of Atherton, one of the most wealthiest areas in the country, a single theft of over $100,000' worth of rare and expensive wines taken from a private home has wine-lovers abuzz. Even the New York Times has taken notice.

The thieves ignored electronics, jewelry, and lesser wines to hit the basement wine cellar and zero in on the good stuff: the average value of each stolen bottle was $3000. The haul included a magnum of '59 Petrus with an estimated value of $11,000. Because of their focus on high-value bottles, it's clear that the thieves knew their wine.

In this well-heeled community, elaborate wine cellars are common, great wine collections abound, and the houses are large, elegant, and isolated. In this case, there was no sign of forced entry to the gated home; the burglars would have needed a key and a security code to enter. This hints at an inside job.

Though such crimes are still rare, as the value of certain wines continues to skyrocket, high-priced wine is likely to become an ever-more-tempting target. Stolen wine is also hard to trace--there is usually no way to identify a "hot" bottle. So keep this in mind, and if you have one of those incredible multi-thousand-dollar wine collections, get some extra insurance and consider how the increase security. And invite me over for drinks ASAP.

Quick, read the Times story before they archive it!


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